Bunge, international company established in 1818, is one of the world’s leading agroholdings nowadays. Bunge maintains sustainable work of the complex supply chain on daily basis connecting farmers’ fields and customers worldwide.

Bringing in global experience and innovative achievements they create unique ecosystem by developing farms and making their products available abroad.
It employs more than 25 000 professionals in more than 40 countries, thus, advancing agribusiness in the following directions:

  • Purchasing grains and oilseeds in the leading producing countries and transporting them to the customers worldwide

  • Processing of oilseeds to feed livestock and producing vegetable oil for the use of food production, catering and bio-fuel.

  • Producing bottled vegetable oil, mayonnaise, margarine and other consumer goods.

  • Processing of sugar-cane to produce sugar and ethanol.

  • Producing flour from wheat and maize for food, bread and beer production as well as for other commercial consumers.

  • Selling fertilizers in North and South America.