OZK Trading, LLC is a trading organization, part of the OZK Group. Its key area of activities is grain export to foreign markets. Dominant share in the total export volume are the bulk batches for transshipment via the Novorossiysk port.

The quality of the supplied Russian grain meets international standards and is confirmed by leading independent survey organizations.

OZK Trading has an extensive network of separate divisions in the main Russian grain-producing regions: Rostov, Krasnodar, Voronezh and Volgograd Regions. Geographic proximity allows to determine and consider the specifics of the grain market situation as accurately as possible while applying separate, targeted approaches to each client and while forming the tailored proposals packages.

Since August 2021, OZK Trading acts as an organizer of exchange commodity auctions for the purchase and supply of wheat at the National Commodity Exchange.

OZK Group is a trade and logistics operator of agricultural products, that ensures the export potential of the Russian grain on the global market. Due to its unique infrastructure OZK Group is the basis for Russian agriculture producers’ sustainable development and food mobility in the world.

In the 2020/2021 agricultural season OZK Group is one of the five largest Russian grain exporters.

OZK Group today sets the highest standards of responsibility and service in the supply of grain and other agricultural products of Russian farmers on the international market.