The Russian Union
of Grain Exporters

RUSGRAIN UNION, the Russian Union of Grain Exporters, was established in 2019 to promote Russian grain on the world market. Today it unites 28 largest grain producers and merchants, both local and international, who export almost 80% of the grain of Russian origin.

Our Mission

RUSGRAIN UNION's goal is to fight world hunger by supplying countries in need with Russian grain, legumes and their processed products.

In order to achieve this, we develop direct trade relations with countries in need, counteract barriers and other forms of discrimination of Russian grain on the way to countries in need, promote investment activity in the production, processing and trade of grain.

Russian local price index for wheat
with protein content 12.5% on 05/31/2023

Incoterms CPT port of Azov-Black Sea region

in thousand RUB per ton, VAT excl.
The source of the NAMEX wheat CPT Novorossiysk index are the data provided by NAMEX