Agromarket is one of the leading agricultural companies in Stavropol region. It was established in 2004 and involves more than 5 processing objects, which are constantly increasing their capacity and production volumes. They are actively expanding by applying international standards of corporate governing and sustainable development. Agribusiness of the company includes: 

  • Purchasing agricultural products, their storage and transporting;

  • Oilbase exploitation, trans-shipment and storage of fuels and lubricants, purchasing fuels;

  • Purchasing fertilizers.

The company "AGROMARKET" has the most modern and spacious facilities for storing grain crops. The company has at its disposal two fully equipped and well-equipped elevators located on the territory of Stavropol.

Storage volumes of elevators:

  1. Elevator "AGROMARKET", Izobilny - 120 thousand tons

  2. Elevator "AGROMARKET", Mikhailovsk - 50 thousand tons

The elevators carry out work on loading and unloading grain, on drying and improving quality characteristics, laboratory research, documenting ownership of the stored grain. Grain storage services are provided on the basis of direct agreements between sellers and buyers of services (warehouse storage agreements).

Our storage facilities are equipped not only with premises and equipment for storing grain, but also with laboratories for research. The laboratory controls the introduction of the technological process for storing grain crops in compliance with the established quality standards.

The company offers services for the transportation of agricultural products in Stavropol region, the North Caucasus and the Southern Federal Districts. Cargo transportation is carried out by specialized vehicles: flatbed trucks, flatbed semitrailers, grain dump trucks with a carrying capacity of up to 25 tons. Two road transport enterprises unite 100 units of equipment for the transportation of agricultural products.

One of the company's activities is the wholesale trade of fuels and lubricants and petroleum products. The diesel fuel meets the required quality standards. Working with the largest producers of petroleum products without intermediaries allows us to choose the best shipping option and deliver petroleum products in bulk as soon as possible. Among our buyers are large agricultural enterprises and peasant farms of the Stavropol region.