AST Group

AST Group currently occupies one of the leading positions in the domestic market of the Russian Federation in purchasing grains, cooperates with agricultural producers, traders, elevators and processing enterprises throughout the Russian Federation. Due to the presence of its own elevators and grain-receiving enterprises located in Voronezh, Volgograd, Saratov, Lipetsk, Ulyanovsk regions with a total volume of one-time storage of about 1 MMT, the holding also has the opportunity to purchase grains at its elevators and sell grain storage as a service.

In this connection the company expresses its readiness to become a reliable partner in trade operations with grain and processed products. The company is always ready to offer the most convenient sales conditions for the products you deal in, offering maximum prices and optimal (in terms of time and cost) logistic schemes, as well as provide a full range of services for the acceptance and storage of your grain at the company's elevator complexes.