Concern Pokrovsky

Concern Pokrovsky Group is one of the largest agricultural producers in Russia and is among the top 10 national leaders in terms of key production indicators:

  • 1st place – in efficiency per hectare

  • 5th place - according to the cost of the land bank

  • 6th place - in terms of sugar production

  • 9th place - in terms of raw milk production

Agricultural business is the Concerns priority activity. The Concerns group of agro enterprises includes 22 farming businesses in 17 districts of Krasnodar Region. They are engaged in the production, storage and processing of grains and technical cultures, vegetables farming and fruit orchards, animal husbandry and dairy farming, and pig farming.

Gross harvest of agricultural products: 2,500,000 tons per year.

Land bank: 242 000 ha.

Products of Pokrovsky Group of Companies are in demand not only on the Russian market, but also abroad — the annual export volume of cereals, oilseeds and technical cultures is more than 500 thousand tons.  The geography of export supplies covers more than 22 countries, including Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and other countries of the Middle East and the African continent.  All export products of Pokrovsky Group of Companies are tested according to the main ISO indicators. To determine and manage this quality “Pokrovsky” has its own laboratories and equipment, which fully meets international requirements.