Resource Agribusiness Group

The Resource Agribusiness Group is one of the largest Russian producers of food products and holds leading positions among domestic exporters of poultry meat and sunflower oil.

The company is constantly expanding its product line in accordance with global trends in the food industry. The product portfolio of Resource Agribusiness Group includes poultry meat, semi-finished meat products and gastronomy, vegetable oils, grain cultures and flour. The products are presented on the markets of 60 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

The strategy of Resource Agribusiness Group is based on the concept of sustainable development. The company operates in strict accordance with the law, complies with the rules of fair competition and applies technologies of careful nature management, preserving the environment for future generations.

The Company believes that the status of a recognized expert in agricultural issues does not give grounds to stop moving forward. Therefore, the specialists of the Resource Agribusiness Group constantly study and implement the most effective world practices to achieve the best results.

One of the strategic pathway of the Company's business is the export of agricultural crops that are grown on their own arable lands in the Rostov Region, Stavropol Territory and the Republic of Adygea. Specialists of Resource Agribusiness Group pay great attention to their optimal operation, striving to preserve the wealth of land resources. The area of the Group's land bank exceeds 340 thousand hectares.